As Co-Director of the UT graduate student organization Advocating for Women in Technology (AWIT), I lead the organization of a local Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. The goal was to get more people involved in Wikipedia and bring together disparate groups from across the UT campus to work on a project. 

We coordinated with the UT Fine Arts Library and Blanton Museum to host the edit-a-thon, which was part of a global event called Art+Feminism — an annual campaign to improve coverage of women artists in Wikipedia, as well as get more women contributing to Wikipedia.  We provided training and support for those new to editing Wikipedia, as well as guidance and resources to help with contributions to articles, and tasty snacks from Whole Foods for all participants.  The event  was a great success!  Over the course of just a few hours, we created 7 new Wikipedia articles, and made improvements to over 18 existing articles.

Check out the event here:

“How to edit Wikipedia” training in progress