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MSIS 2016


I am a student at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. I’ll be graduating with a Master of Science in Information Studies in December 2016.

Collected here you can find samples of my work at UT, as well as information about my experience and professional interests. Head to About to learn more, or go directly to Contact if you’d like.

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Project complete!

The project I’ve been working on for the last several months is wrapped up!  Huzzah!  It evolved along the way into something a bit different than originally planned, but it ended up feeling like work that really needed doing. I humbly present A Newcomer’s Guide to Reviving and Supporting Digital Humanities Projects.

I’ve put it up in a Google Doc, commenting enabled, in the hopes that it will get more exposure, get a bit of feedback, and perhaps be useful to folks. Check it out here:

Anyway, feels to be good to be done.

Thoughts on reviving digital humanities projects?

I’m working with Jennifer Hecker, who works with Technology Innovation & Strategy here at UT, on a project exploring how best to breathe new life into stalled or neglected DH projects.

If you have experience working on a DH project, and 5-10 minutes to spare, I’d be very grateful if you would consider completing a survey on this topic.  The survey can be found here:

[update: survey is closed. see this post for the latest on this project!]

I also welcome any feedback, resource recommendations or questions you may have for me. Please share those in the comments below.  Thanks!

Project: Studying Museum Visitors

Investigations of Museum Visitor Experience: A Review of Literature from Museology and Related Disciplines

Museums today are faced with numerous challenges, from diminishing institutional budgets to increased competition from alternative leisure activities and economic conditions that prevent many potential visitors from making it in the front door. Continue reading “Project: Studying Museum Visitors”

Event: Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon

As Co-Director of the UT graduate student organization Advocating for Women in Technology (AWIT), I lead the organization of a local Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon. The goal was to get more people involved in Wikipedia and bring together disparate groups from across the UT campus to work on a project.  Continue reading “Event: Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon”

Project: Specialized Taxonomy Design

Subject Classification: Quilts and Quilting for Curators and Collection Managers

I was tasked with defining, labelling, and relating a set of 30-40 concepts to serve as a proof of concept for document organization. The classification was required provide a cohesive structure to elucidate the conceptual landscape for a single subject area.

Continue reading “Project: Specialized Taxonomy Design”

Project: Evaluating the Wildflower Center

How the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Facilitates Conservation & Education Through Online Information Resources

Using the structure and theory of the information lifecycle, this paper evaluates a database within a non-traditional museum: The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas.

Continue reading “Project: Evaluating the Wildflower Center”

Reflection: Challenges in Library Collections

A concise consideration of pressures faced by managers of library collections.

Continue reading “Reflection: Challenges in Library Collections”

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